Movement + Meditation + Wellness

Our 3 Pillars of B+F TV Designed to Educate & Enrich

  • Over 50 Videos + Weekly Live Streaming + New Monthly Content

  • Your go-to-resource to improve technique for yoga & movement

  • Enriching videos to support your mindfulness & wellness

Variety with 6 Class Styles

Across Mobility + Yoga + Yoga Fitness

Maintain variety in your yoga/fitness practice with 45 minute classes across power yoga, yin yoga (deep stretch), restorative yoga, Kinstretch mobility and yoga for fitness.

Develop Your Practice

With 'How To' + 'Pose Breakdown' Videos

Short 2-10 minute videos giving you tools to improve technique, understand the benefits of poses and learn better movement

Enjoy Meditation + Breathwork

Videos to improve your wellness + mindfulness

Short 2 to 20 minute meditation + breathwork video series providing tools to silence the chatter in your mind
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Bonus: Live Streaming Yoga & Aerial Included

Enjoy Live Streamed Zoomed Classes Included in your B+F TV Membership

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